6 month old Indian Hill Mynah for sale

Posted on 06.12.17



6 month old Indian Hill Mynah for sale
Here is a rare opportunity to buy a six month old aviary bred in the UK Indian Hill Mynah.
These birds are undoubtedly the best talking bird in the world, and Charlie will be no no exception.
Charlie was hatched in mid June and has spent the last six months in a large aviary with his parents.
I took the Charlie out of the aviary 2 weeks ago, brought him in the house and he is already trying to talk. If you are interested in giving Charlie a new home, please do a little research before telephoning. Mynah birds are soft-bill, they are iron intolerant and so need a basic pellet mix as well as fruit every day along with a few mealworms.
I will not sell this bird to just anyone, you need some basic knowledge of Mynah birds and their requirements.
Charlie comes with a large cage (In the picture) and I will give you a weeks’ worth of Nutribird T20 pellets.



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